Work Wheels has always been crafted for quality.
All the multi-piece wheel version comes with anodized finish barrel. The one piece version is made from aluminum alloy.
Coat of protection is applied to add longevity to all of our wheels.
Nevertheless regular cleaning and care is recommended as it get constant exposure to outside elements.

Best Practices
1.1    DO NOT use chemicals that include abrasive compounds, strong acids or high alkaline content.
1.2    When using any products such as de-greaser or cleaner, tyre shine or brake dust cleaner, please read their product labels and instruction carefully.
1.3    Wheels are susceptible to irreversible damage if they are expose to salt, mud or sticky tar when driving on the road, beach or on a snowy or unpaved road.
1.4    Brake dust is also highly corrosive and can lead to irreversible surface damage if left to sit on the wheels for too long.
1.5    Commercial car washes often use highly reactive chemical compound often highly acidic and abrasive tools to clean the wheel. Clarify before proceeding.
1.6    Regular cleaning is better than once a while deep cleaning especially with brake dust.
1.7    Water spotting can occur when the wheel is not completely dry and the water will eventually dried up on its own leaving "hard-water" spotting.
1.8    Wash the wheel when its cool down. This prevent the water and soap from drying up too quickly.
1.9    It is strongly recommended to wash using clean water and neutral PH soap only.
1.10  Be aware that any car wash equipment can potentially scratch the wheel. Follow instruction and use them appropriately.
1.11  Do not clean your wheel or remove any decal using steam. It can dull the wheel paint or clear-coat.
1.12  Do not hold your pressure washer nozzle close to the wheel surface, it may damage the clear-coat or decal attached.
1.13  When using pressure washer, use the right pressure and nozzle for the cleaning job.

Discolouration and Water Spotting
2.1    The picture below is the example of discolouration and water spotting.

Wheel Cleaning Steps
3.1    First, rinse the wheel lightly with water to remove debris and brake dust.

3.2    Second, use a microfiber or soft towel while using generous amounts of water to clean the surface of the wheel.

3.3    Third, once the surface is clean, dry the wheel completely to avoid water spotting. 

3.4    Lastly, if you maintain the cleaning and care process on a consistent basis, your wheels will keep its clean appearance.

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