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SSR - Formula Mesh [Set]

SSR Formula Mesh wheels are manufactured using the latest technologies in the design and manufacturing of its lightweight 3 piece wheels.

Sizes available: 16", 18" and 19" only

Available standard PCD
16 inch: 4-98, 4-100 only - not possible for custom pcd.
18 inch: 5-100, 5-114.3
19 inch: 4-100 [NR & SL disk only], 5-100, 5-114.3

Note: If the PCD is not listed above, please ask if it can be made. It will additional cost of $25 per wheel.

Available disk type:
SL - Super low disk
NR - Normal disk
MD - Medium disk 
HP - Hyper disk

Colour available:
Formula Mesh Silver [FM SIL] - Standard
Formula Mesh Gold [FM GLD] - Standard
White [WHT] - $25 additional per wheel - Custom
Black [BLK] - $25 additional per wheel - Custom
Flat Black [FB] - $25 additional per wheel - Custom
Gunmetal [GM] - $25 additional per wheel - Custom
Flat Gunmetal [FGM] - $25 additional per wheel - Custom
Flare Bronze [FBRZ] - $25 additional per wheel - Custom
Flat Flare BRonze [FFBRZ] - $25 additional per wheel - Custom
Red [RED] - $25 additional per wheel - Custom
Orange[ORG] - $25 additional per wheel - Custom

We strongly recommend that buyer conduct their own research and by buying these parts you confirm that they satisfy your intended use and fully aware what is needed to fit them into your car.

Please contact us if you are not sure about the wheel brake clearance for your car. Wheel are not created with equal brake clearance.


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