Loyalty Pointsclose

At JDM Concept, we pride ourselves in giving competive price and pleasant shopping experience to all our customers.

We know our price is already great without you using these points and we want to keep it that way. To keep all our transactions with you simple, transparent and honest.

Loyalty points are our way of saying thank you and we value you as our regular customers. Our appreciative gestures for being part of JDM Concept.

The way loyalty points work is very simple.

Depending on which parts you buy, you will be awarded with different amount of points. These points have no expiry date but not transferrable to another account.

Once you enough point, you will automatically given an option to use this points at the check out.

Below is the summary of the discount you will received for the following points:
- 500 points will give you 5% discount to your total order
- 1000 points will give you 10% discount to your total order

Delivery fee will not be discounted and points will be deducted from your total current points once these points were used.